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Hey there! I understand the challenges of getting older and being a busy woman over 40. Between juggling responsibilities and raising a family, finding time for exercise and prioritizing your health can be tough.

But here's the good news: I've got a solution just for you! As a mom of four, I know how valuable your time is. That's why I offer simple yet effective workouts that won't take longer than 30 minutes that you can do at home!

Join my community of vibrant women over 40 and let's embark on a journey to transform your body, boost your confidence, and enhance your energy levels. It's time to prioritize your health and well-being. Start today and feel the difference!

Imagine being...

✔️ Knowing how to perform exercises correctly to prevent injury
✔️ Having a workout plan that is strategically laid out
✔️ Committed to an exercise program where you know exactly what to do each day  
✔️ Someone who is in shape & gaining strength
✔️ Someone who takes care of your health 
✔️ Someone who is living your best life because you're no longer tired all the time 
✔️ Someone who feels better than ever and sees the ripple effects spill over into your life

Consistency & healthy changes are being made in the membership  👇

Are you ready to feel strong & confident? 

 Join Michele's Budget Friendly Monthly Membership to start exercising in a way that leaves you feeling strong, confident, & energized! Remove the overwhelm from wellness.
All levels welcome!

*Group calls are not currently available , but you have the option to upgrade and get a monthly 1-1 call instead!



Get access to all my fitness programs and choose a program to follow so you know exactly what to do each day and have a complete progression of classes to follow.


This is a private group within the membership.   Be part of a community of people just like you to support & encourage you along your journey. Fit friends are the best!


A huge library of past recorded classes, including yoga & pilates fusion classes, core yoga, gentle yoga, and christian yoga.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits: Get a Private 1-1 Health Coaching Call with Michele and Kickstart Your Transformation! 

As an added bonus, when you join the community, you'll receive a personalized 1-1 health coaching call with Michele. This extraordinary opportunity ensures that you begin your journey on the right foot, armed with expert guidance and support. Imagine having direct access to Michele's wealth of knowledge and experience, tailored specifically to your unique needs. During this private call, you'll receive personalized advice, valuable insights, and a roadmap to success.  Don't miss out on this exclusive bonus! 



"Thank you Michele, I just did the first beginner yoga class and it was so easy to follow. Your explanations were clear and the pace was just right. Thank you for the wrist modifications too. I’m looking forward to seeing my balance and strength increase and my overall health/stress improve with these classes. Thank you so much!"


"I recommend Michele’s program. I love that we can participate from the comfort of our home. We have all seen our fitness improve. Having the live classes helps us make sure we get our workouts in, while the recordings are great for fitting workouts in at other times that work for us. If your on the fence I recommend you give it a try!


"Michele! This morning I used the recording of one of the classes we did earlier this month. It was still plenty challenging, but I noticed a significant improvement from last time in my balance and smoothness of transitions. Thanks again for your great classes!"


"I am going to jump in and give Michele a huge shout out! We have been taking her PRIVATE yoga class for 6 weeks now. It is an oasis of focus, stretching, strengthening, and calm in our busy homeschool week. 100 percent would recommend her!"


"I use to hate yoga, but now I love doing yoga and the way you teach. I feel like you are right in the room with me when I'm following along in a video because you are always saying the cue that I need to hear. I'm building my strength in my legs, which has caused my knee pain to decrease!"


"I liked that the length of classes were easy to fit into my schedule. I liked that Michele explained the benefit of each exercise and what it is strengthening or improving. I was doing mostly crunches before for my ab work and now I like that I'm hitting other areas of my abs & back that I wasn't strengthening as much."

Michele Riechman

I’m a mom of 4 and a military wife. 

Ever since I was in high school, I have always had a passion for movement and helping people get healthy. 

But as a mom, I struggled to find the time to work out and eat healthily.  

Life got so busy and started to put my health on the back burner.  

But I found ways to keep it all simple and maximize my results in a short amount of time without dieting, calorie counting, or super long workouts.  

I love helping & inspiring other women to do the same!

I combine all my knowledge and take a holistic approach to health. 

A little bit about my background ↓

Doctorate in physical therapy

Bachelors in Exercise Science

200-hour yoga teacher certification

PN Level 1 Nutrition Certified Coach

Somatic Healing Certification

Women's Health Certification

Personal Trainer

Health Coach


    You can cancel at anytime before it renews each month.  You just log into your account and cancel, no questions asked!

    You will find a large variety of yoga classes, strength training, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.  These type of workouts are selected because they are the most effective workouts to build strength, boosting your metabolism, and avoid stressing your body.  

    The workouts are geared towards the beginner to intermediate. I offer options so you can find your right level for your body.  If you have any hesitation if this is right for you, just send me an email at

    For the yoga portion, you will need a yoga mat (yoga blocks are optional, but are great). For the strength training, you will need hand/free weights.  I usually recommend starting with 3, 5, & 8 pounds for women and 8, 12, 15 pounds for men. 

    So much!!!  Inside the recorded classes, you will find recordings from the live weekly class,  20+ Christian yoga classes, 20 strength training classes, relaxation yoga classes, & a 6-week hybrid strength training & yoga program.  New classes are being added all the time! This membership is packed with tips about about how to get in shape and live a healthy life, so you can have one stop shop for your fitness and nutrtion. 

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    Membership + monthly 1-1 coaching call

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