Beginner Yoga for Men

6 week All-Fitness, No-Fluff Program

Designed for Men

This is a physical therapy inspired, all-fitness, NO-FLUFF, 6-week beginner program designed specifically for men to retrain their muscles, increase strength & flexibility, and prevent injury.

Michele will lead you through a specific series of yoga classes that teach you how to do each pose correctly and will slowly progress you to more difficult exercises. When you jump ahead to harder exercises and haven't built a strong foundation, this puts you more at risk for injuries and actually makes the more difficult poses even harder.  By learning the basics first, you will be able to progress to harder poses with more ease.

This series will help to ensure that you can confidently perform each pose for your body even if it is tight.  You get to progress at just the right pace for you!  

Can't touch your toes? 

You will fit right in! Have some aches and pains? I got you covered. As you start to increase your flexibility and learn how to move your muscles correctly your body will start to feel better! You will start with learning the foundations and how to correctly activate your muscles in order to perform poses correctly, but more importantly to prevent injury.  For example, if you don't learn how to engage your core correctly you are going to struggle with more advanced poses and put yourself at risk for a back injury.  Get ready to see your strength and flexibility improve with this special series of classes designed just for men who are tight.

Designed for Beginners & the Inflexible

Get detailed instructions on how to do each pose, so you know exactly what to do.  No more wondering if you are doing it right.  You will learn the proper technique, poses, and modifications for beginners.  This is a big difference compared to other yoga programs.  If you are tight and the teacher doesn't give you options, then you are at risk of pulling a muscle and never really learning how to do yoga for your body.  And if you are ever in doubt, you can reach out to Michele in the community and get feedback!  You don't have to go through this program alone.

As you continue to practice you will start to increase your flexibility and strength. With Michele's experience as a physical therapist, she specifically targets common muscle weakness and tightness found in men that can cause injury.  By correcting these imbalances it can lead to less pain, healing, and an improved posture.  

"Thank you for recommending the wrist modifications, it has been a game changer and I'm able to hold poses longer.  My wrists are feeling much better now. I really like that you give options throughout the classes and that it can also be an option to repeat lessons to get stronger before moving on."

What makes this program different?


It is designed for inflexible men

You won’t be shown poses that require a lot of flexibility and you will always be shown poses in a way that works for people who aren’t flexible.  So you can feel confident in doing each pose.


It is a progressive program

 When you start with learning how to activate the right muscles, how to do poses correctly, and slowly adding on new poses, you will see aches & pain disappear as you build your strength & flexibility the right way.


It is designed by a physical therapist

This extra level of expertise means throughout this program you will target certain muscles and areas in your body that tend to cause problems in men especially as they age. 


You can take it at your own pace

Since you get to keep access to this program, you can take this program at your own pace.  Not confident with Week 1, then you can repeat it.  This really allows you to build a strong foundation before moving on. 

Meet Dennis (Michele's husband) who would like to be known as the male model for this program 😆. He will be in most of the videos!  He served 8 years on active duty in the military and is currently a reservist.  He is also a family nurse practitioner at a walk-in clinic.  He is an Ohio boy and loves being outside, going for an occasional run, and camping.

He started doing yoga when he was deployed.  He has found yoga to be one of the most effective exercises when done correctly.  He finds it to be a great way to get into shape and stretch out his tight muscles. He loves how Michele focuses on the proper form by offering different options and how she keeps you moving by flowing through different poses.

About the instructor

Michele Riechman, DPT, 200 hour yoga teacher

Hi! I’m Michele, the creator of this program. I’m a mom of 4, a military wife, and I turned 40 years old this year.  I was a collegiate cheerleader and have always loved being active. I enjoy listening to podcasts, learning, going on bike rides, hiking, and playing with my kids.

Yoga has completely transformed my life.  I started doing yoga over 10 years ago just before Dennis deployed for a year. We got the news he was deploying for 6 months, then the military switched it to a year (apparently they can do that).  I had a 3-year-old and was pregnant at the time he left.  I had my baby halfway through his deployment with my mom by my side and my husband halfway across the world.  Yoga not only helped me get back into shape, but it also helped me to handle the stress of that year. It continues to help me stay strong, grounded, and focused each day.  

A little bit about my background ↓  
Doctorate in physical therapy  
200-hour yoga teacher certification
PN Level 1 Nutrition Certified Coach
Personal Trainer  
Health Coach  

Have a question?

 Ready to move better, gain strength, & decrease YOUR pain?

Michele combined her physical therapy knowledge and yoga background together to create this progressive yoga program specifically for beginners & men. She has seen all sorts of injuries that improve with proper strengthening, mobility exercises, and learning how to activate the right muscles. It really can be that simple to start decreasing your pain, improving old injuries, and preventing new ones.  Before you know it, with a little consistency you will start moving better and those aches and pains will decrease.

This program can help you to......

 increase your strength (including your core), increase your mobility, move your body properly, decrease aches & pains, prevent injury, work on your fitness goals, develop consistency, and build confidence in your body as it gets stronger and more flexible.  


Not at all! This program is designed for those who are not.  You will learn how to do poses in ways that are meant for people who are inflexible.  There will always be multiple options to try out.

No, women are welcome and encouraged to join! This is a great program to do as a couple!

The time varies.  Each week you will have a variety of 10-30 minute workouts to complete.

The program is designed to be 5 days a week in order for you to stay consistent and see results.  With that being said there is some flexibility to shorten it down to 3 or 4 days a week if that is all you can do.  More details in the course on how to do this.

All you need is a yoga mat and 2 yoga blocks. A yoga strap is optional (you can always use a belt instead).

This program can be done alone or can be done in addition to your strength training, running, and other workouts.

The focus of this program is focused on fitness (strength, flexibility, muscle activation, and mobility).  So there will be no mediation, themes, or chanting like most traditional yoga classes.   Deep breathing will be incorporated throughout, especially with stretching because this helps you to relax your muscles and increase your flexibility. 

You have access to the videos for the life of the program.  So you can come back and repeat the whole program and/or just your favorite workouts!


"After just a few weeks I started to notice that I was getting stronger, could hold the poses longer, and just move better. Some of my pain has also started to decrease.  I find starting my day with the program helps get me moving.  My hamstrings are tight and feel like 2 x 4's, but I feel holding the poses longer is really helping."

- Gary

"I liked that the length of classes were easy to fit into my schedule. I liked that Michele explained the benefit of each exercise and what it is strengthening or improving. I was doing mostly crunches before for my ab work and now I like that I'm hitting other areas of my abs & back that I wasn't strengthening as much."

- Rick

Course Curriculum

What's  included?

24 Yoga Classes

You will get detailed instruction each week, with different levels to choose from.  Most yoga classes cost at least $15 each. (Plus BONUS videos on certain injuries.)

Value: $360

Men's Yoga Group

This is your place to connect with others and ask Michele any questions you have about yoga or health. So if you get stuck, you won't be left alone.

Value: $50/year

Workout Tracker

Stay on track with a custom-designed workout tracker for this program so you can stay motivated and reach your goals!

Value: $20


For the price of a handful of yoga classes,  you can have your own complete program that you get to keep and repeat!  You will also have a complete progression of yoga classes, so you can build on the basics and really know what you are doing. This is not just random yoga classes pieced together!

So get started today for only $2 a class and have everything laid out for you & the support you need!

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