Fit Fusion 2

Strength training, HIIT, & Yoga
Ready for more of an intermediate level workout? Bump up the intensity in Fit Fusion 2!


Increase the strength of your arms, legs, and your core, which will leave you feeling you strong & fit.

Increase your muscle mass with these strength-building workouts, which allows your body to burn more calories at REST

As you start to gain more muscle mass, you will start to slim down (Muscle is smaller than fat)

Increase your flexibility with these balanced workouts to keep your body feeling & working GREAT.

Use the power of HIIT to get great cardio workout in a short amount of time.

Build a consistent workout routine and start shedding fat.

What's Included?

5 workouts each week

Each week you will have 2 new strength training workouts, 2 new yoga workouts, and 1 HIIT workout.  These will be full videos, so you can learn how to do each exercise correctly and follow along.
Value: $300

Wellness Well Community

Be part of the wellness well community where you can ask questions and share your experience with others to give you support along your journey.  Community is key in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.
Value: $50 

Ready to get in shape and feel great?

 Say goodbye to the guesswork and dragging your feet 'cause you're lost. Have a complete workout plan laid out for you! Valued at $350, don't let it slip by! 


Michele! This morning I used the recording of one of the classes I did before. It was still plenty challenging, but I noticed a significant improvement from last time in my balance and smoothness of transitions. Thanks again for your great classes!


Course Curriculum


For the yoga portion you will need a yoga mat (yoga blocks are optional).
For the strength training you will need hand/free weights.  I usually recommend starting with 3, 5, & 8 pounds for women and 8, 12, 15 pounds for men. 

You have access to the videos for the life of the program. So you can come back and repeat the whole program and/or just your favorite workouts!

This program is designed to be done 5 days a week to get the best results.  If you can't do 5 days a week you can always spread the workouts over more weeks.

I would not recommend any additional strength training.  You can do extra cardio or just extra movement like walking and bike riding. 

Michele Riechman

Iā€™m a mom of 4 and a military wife. Ever since I was in high school, I have always had a passion for movement and helping people get healthy. 

But as a mom, I struggled to find the time to work out and eat healthily.  Life got so busy and started to put my health on the back burner.  

But I found ways to keep it all simple and maximize my results in a short amount of time without dieting, calorie counting, or super long workouts.  

I love helping & inspiring other women to do the same!I combine all my knowledge and take a holistic approach to health. 

A little bit about my background ā†“

Doctorate in physical therapy

Bachelors in Exercise Science

200-hour yoga teacher certification

PN Level 1 Nutrition Certified Coach

Somatic Healing Certification

Women's Health Certification

Personal Trainer

Health Coach

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