Lose weight and get healthy on the inside.  Learn exactly what you need to eat to fuel your body and feel confident around food.

Learn how to eat real food, ditch the diet mentality, and really nourish your body for sustainable health lifestyl!

Confused about what to do? It's not your fault

What we have been taught about health isn't coming from solid science; it's all wrapped up in this diet culture. There's always some new diet book or food plan or latest craze. Maybe you have tried weight watchers, optiva, keto, or counting your calories...

And what do we end up with? Women who try to follow a "certain" plan for a few months, but can't stick with it and end up in a cycle of yo-yo dieting. Which leaves their body undernourished, their metabolism wrecked, and just feeling defeated.

But guess what? It's not working.  Now it's time to focus on what it really means to get healthy.

Let's kick out the blame game and self-doubt. It's time to step into your healthiest self, do something different, and nourish your body from the inside out.

“I’m down 8.5 pounds in one month! I’m certainly feeling a little more like myself. Not nearly as bloated and my cravings have settled down. I’ve been focusing more on not restricting my food, but watching my portion sizes.”


Achieve Your Wellness Goals

If you're tired of the ups and downs of trying to stay healthy, then let's do something different.  What sets Healthy Inside and Out apart is the realistic, habits-based approach. I understand that life gets hectic, so say goodbye to all-or-nothing thinking.  

Discover how to break free from patterns that hold you back, like sugar cravings and restrictive habits. I'll show you how to weave new, healthier routines into your busy days.  No fad diets or detoxes here.  It's time to feel amazing without the burnout. 

Picture this...

  • You actually start staying consistent
  • Confusion surrounding food choices is gone and you feel confident about what to eat
  • You have a healthy relationship with food, feeling empowered and in control around food.
  • Sugar cravings are banished and you have more energy as you balance your blood sugar levels
  • You shed excess weight in a way that honors your body and promotes lasting health.
  • As you become healthy on the inside those nagging aches and pains fade away 
  • Being connected to your body and knowing how to listen to it.  I know this sounds a little fluffy, but this brings so much freedom!
  • The stress from trying to get healthy is gone!

With Healthy Inside and Out, it's not just about a quick fix—it's about a lasting, sustainable transformation that will leave you feeling great! 

Are you ready to thrive inside and out? 

This could be you!

Stop procrastinating and stop putting your health on the back burner. It's time for you to kickstart your health journey and start feeling better!

Healthy Inside & Out Process

Creating Consistency: Planning, & Prepping

This is often overlooked, but consistency is the #1 problem.  If you want to start a health journey, it's important to plan and be intentional. You will get clear on your bigger why and  develop a deeper understanding of what you really want for your health. You will master how to plan and prioritize each week.

Lowering Inflammation

For your body to feel good, you have to lower inflammation. And since most chronic disease stems from inflammation we are going to dive deep in anti-inflammatory foods and lifestyle tips packed with practical strategies.

Tuning into Your Body

This is what diet culture misses, but if you want to make a health plan that sticks and feels good, it has to be something that aligns with your body.  I'll show you how to tune into your body, live and eat mindfully, and feel pretty darn confident.

Balance Your Blood Sugar

You will learn how to stabilize your blood sugar, so you can really fuel your body and avoid the emotional rollercoaster of unbalanced blood sugar. This is foundational to create health inside of our body.

Good Relationship with Food

I don't want you to just know what to eat. I want you to feel good about what you are eating and not feel restricted. Learn how to give your body what it truly needs and pick out foods with confidence.

Dealing with Emotions & Stress

Emotions are often neglected and buried, but they are the boss of all the stuff we do or don't do. You'll discover practical strategies to help you easily navigate your emotions, so you can start doing what you plan to do!

Healthy Weight Loss

And when you follow this process, you find out how to lose weight healthily and sustainably if that is your goal.  By taking a habit's-based approach you can ditch the dieting and focus on becoming healthy and truly nourishing your body.

Who is this for? Someone who is wants to...

  • Stop yo-you dieting
  • Be healthy
  • Decrease inflammation in their body
  • Feel in control around food
  • Be in tune with their body
  • Be more consistent with their healthy habits
  • Clear the food confusion
  • Balance their blood sugar
  • Lose weight in a healthy way

 Get in a good relationship with your body and feel empowered!

Healthy Inside and Out isn't a one-size-fits-all plan. It provides you with a roadmap to build sustainable habits that truly stick, while nourishing your body and creating health from within.

What you will get...

-8 module course

     Module 1: Foundations 

     Module 2: Mindful Eating & Mindset 

     Module 3: Blood Sugar Balance 

     Module 4: More on Blood Sugar Balance + Movement

     Module 5: Whole Foods, Metabolism, & Thought Patterns

     Module 6: Inflammatory Foods & Polyphenols

     Module 7: Gut Health & Strength Training

     Module 8: Uplevel Your Nutrition

-Videos to watch and understand the content


-Mindset support (to break old patterns and create lasting change)

-Meditations to integrate the lessons

-Weekly assignments to apply the information

-Private group within the course to ask question, share, and get accountability

-Education, support, and accountability laid out in a systematic and user friendly format

BONUS: Fit Fusion Exercise Program

You'll get access to my 4-week Fit Fusion program. It's all about kicking off your exercise routine in a way that revs up your metabolism without stressing your body. This program brings together effective workouts like strength training, HIIT, and yoga, giving you a well-rounded fitness routine—all in just 15-30 minutes a day. {Beginner Friendly}

Hi friend, I’m a mom of 4 and a military wife. 

I have always had a passion for movement and helping people get healthy.

But as a mom, I struggled to find the time to work out and eat healthily.

Life got so busy and I started to put my health on the back burner.

But I found ways to keep it all simple and maximize my results without dieting, calorie counting, or super long workouts.

I love helping & inspiring other women to do the same!

I combine all my knowledge and take a holistic approach to health.

A little bit about my background ↓ 
-Doctorate in physical therapy  
-Bachelors in Exercise Science  
-200-hour yoga teacher certification  
-PN Level 1 Nutrition Certified Coach
-Somatic Healing Certification  
-Women's Health Certification
-Personal Trainer
-Health Coach


This program is set up so you can develop healthy eating habits and have a healthy relationship with food that you can sustain also while eating a way that helps to nourish your body and lower inflammation.  For some people this will mean weight loss will go along with it.  It depends on your goals and your starting point.  Feel free to send Michele a specific question on Facebook or Instagram!

There is no refund after the purchase since you are given access to everything.

There are 8 modules to the course.  You could get through this in 8 weeks or it could take you longer. I didn't use the words weeks because I want you to go through it at your pace.  There may be a week where you really need more time to understand and implement the information or there may be a week where life just gets crazy.  Each week the time will vary a little, but you should have about an hour of time to go through the videos and assignments. 

Have a question?

Send Michele a message!

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